Up North Pride Founders

Marta Turnbull | She/Her

Co-founder, Executive Director & Director, Marketing


Marta Turnbull has a heart to serve her community and is passionate about ending cycles of poverty and empowering underrepresented groups and individuals. She loves working behind the scenes coordinating the efforts of a team, delegating and taking action as needed. After living abroad, Marta returned to her home town of Traverse City commited to building a community that protected and celebrated her lifestyle. Marta balances her busy schedule with quiet time on her yoga mat and fun nights with family and friends. She currently works as the Director of Sales and Marketing at MacUpdate and holds a board position for Pour for More.

Email Marta for all Up North Pride Marketing and general inquiry needs: marta@upnorthpride.com


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Up North Pride was founded by Elon Cameron, Jenn Cameron and Marta Turnbull in 2014 in Traverse City, Michigan. 

Jenn Cameron | They/Them

Co-Founder, President of the Board




Elon Cameron | She/Her

Co-Founder, Vice President of the Board